Professionalism is Menaker & Herrmann LLP‘s guiding axiom. It is the first principle our new lawyers and employees encounter when they join us. It provides the basis for all of our judgments on behalf of our clients and in the operation of our Firm. We regard the concept of professionalism to encompass competence, integrity, diligence, attention to the interests of clients, and adherence to the highest ethical standards of the profession and requirements of the law. Professionalism concerns not just what we do but how we do it. And it involves being ever open to suggestions about how we can do our work even better.

Our strengths

  • We are adept at representing commercial clients, ranging from major multinational companies and financial institutions to individuals and private businesses. We deal with independent-minded entrepreneurs as well as large corporations.
  • We concentrate in complex commercial legal assignments, many involving international aspects, including construction, venture capital, corporate, securities and investment banking, intellectual property, commodities, real estate and employment law.
  • We have experience in administrative and “white collar” criminal matters and an extensive network of other professionals whom we recommend and consult in appropriate cases. We regularly participate in continuing education and bar association activities to keep our knowledge of the law and related technology up to date.
  • As a Firm of fifteen attorneys with a low cost structure, we are ideally positioned to staff our matters efficiently and effectively. We provide quality legal services within economic parameters required by our clients and appropriate to the particular matter.
  • We listen to our clients and offer independent advice.